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American Drive Shaft Services did not fix my car, charged me hundreds of dollars and was rude. Marietta, Georgia!!. On May 21, 2012, I went to American Drive Shaft Services because the air in my car went out. I was referred to American Drive Shaft by a coworker at my job. I asked their mechanic to conduct a diagnostic of my 2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS. According to Jesse “Zoe” their mechanic my car had a leak. He showed me the part that needed to be replaced in order for my air to work. I told him to go ahead and replace the part. On May 26, 2012, the air in my car went out. I called Zoe and told him what happened. He told me to bring the car back to the shop so he could determine what is wrong with it. I took the car back to the shop but days later the air went out again. When I called Zoe this time he stated I need to leave my car with him for a week in order for him to determine what is wrong with it. His solution was completely unacceptable considering this was my only means of transportation. I told the mechanic I would not be able to leave my car with him because it was not feasible. Given, the mechanic only worked after 4pm I asked him if I could bring the car to the shop so that another mechanic could look at it. He stated no because another mechanic will not go behind his work. The mechanic was not flexible at all. Because of his schedule and my schedule I was not able to leave my car. I had already taken my car back to the shop and the problem was not resolved. Zoe never gave me a definite answer once he worked on my car as to whether or not he could fix it. When I asked him for a refund he stated he will not give me a refund. He stated he does not need my business and he has a broad clientele. He told me to take the car to any mechanic and they will tell me the same thing. My family and I had been paying $50 every two days to add Freon to my system in order to obtain some relief from the heat. The part that was replaced did not fix the problem and I am highly frustrated, disappointed, and worst of all hot. When the owners were contacted they refused to hear and help. The owner was rude to my brother and did not try to rectify the situation at all. Now nearly a year later, I have not heard anything from the company…and summer is approaching again.

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