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American Eagle Wrecker Services Theives Tallahassee Florida!!. On 3/15/15 American Eagle towed my car from an apartment complex that I was parked at. I had no problem with it because I was parked illegally and living in Tallahassee I know how towing companies work. I am the property manager at an apartment complex myself so I know the procedure. But when I got my car back from them my registered firearm and suitcase with clothes in it was stolen from my car. I called the police to the business and filed a report which wasn’t much help. When I got in my car the next day I noticed that the keys to my office was missing which included the master key that unlocks every unit on my property. My car also has damaged to the front bumper including scratches and dents. When I spoke to the owner of the towing company he advised me that the person that towed my car admitted to unlocking my car which they did’t need to because it was pulled in, the owner also told this to a mutual friend of ours. My clothing was very expensive and so was my suitecase totaling about $1500 for the clothes and $200 for the suitcase, my gun was about $450, I also got an estimate for the damages to my car which came up to $2000 and now we have to rekey everyones apartment and my office door. Lord knows how much that will cost. This has been such a headache and I just want my stuff back.

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