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American Family Insurance Failed to pay insurance claim colorado springs co colorado!!. On 8/30/2018 I was involved in a minor collision. I had backed out of a parking spot and another vehicle backed into me, pushing my driver side rear view mirror into my window and breaking the other drivers taillight. The accident took place on private property (supermarket parking lot). I took photos which clearly displayed this information. The insurance adjuster did not come out and look at my vehicle and apparently has no common sense to see how the other vehicle had to be the one who backed into me. They decided I was at fault despite the evidence to the contrary. Subsequent to this, they raised my rates by $258 dollars for a 6 month period to cover a cost of approximately $1500 to repair the other driver’s vehicle. I will cover the cost of my own vehicle’s repair. I will be changing insurance companies very soon, but felt like I needed to warn other consumers of this practice. If I was at fault, I would totally understand their position; but I was definitely not at fault and the pictures which I took clearly demonstrate this fact. Had I been the vehicle in motion and backed into the other driver, my rear view mirror on the drivers side would have been pushed in the direction of the front of my car and would have been broken. As it is, I have a couple of small scrapes in my driver side door right underneath the mirror. The other driver sustained damage on their rear passenger side bumper and their rear taillight housing was broken on my mirror. I am not an accident reconstructionist, but common sense alone is enough to parse out what exactly transpired. Very disappointed in American Family Insurance.

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