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I placed an order for a machine on June 9, 2008 and “due to heavy volume” did not receive it until the end of July. Right out of the box there were issues. The unit would not boot. In a subsequent call to tech support it was requested that I remove the motherboard and send it back to them, which I declined to do. They paid for shipping and returned the computer back in approx. 3 weeks. This time it booted but seized everytime I tried to run something graphic heavy. Again a call to tech support with no results and the machine was sent back for repairs. I received it last week with the same results just described. Again a call to tech support and one to the customer service manager, Steve (from Ibuypower), who said that because the machine was over 30 days old there would be no refund, despite the fact that it was more than 30 days old when I initially recieved it. He said that some sort of money could be returned to me but I would have to retroactively pay for the shipping costs of the two prior returns plus a 20% restocking fee. This fiasco keeps going on 4 months after initial purchase. I most certainly would NOT recommend this company.

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