American Heritage Billiards New Smyrna Beach Florida Review


I bought a batstool in a florida store. I was told it was made with genuine leather. I only bought one and rarely used it because it was just to fill in a space at a kitchen bar which I don’t use. I paid $325.00. Three and a half years later the thing is rotting. I called American Heritate about it and they told me that their products are warranteed for one year and it does not matter whether they are defective and falling apart, they will not take any responsibility. Buyer, please beware ! This is a company that sells pure crap and doesn’t care about their customers. If you want pictures of the expecsive and defedctive bar stool I am talking aoubt, you can contact me through ripoffscams.

630 Mondial Pkwy. Streetsboro, Ohio USA

877 998-0908

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