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Complaint: Three weeks ago I noticed a fluid leak under my 2007 Honda CRV, upon examination I dtermined it to be windshield washer fluid. I could not see the reservoir because it is located behind the front fender. One week prior to this I took my vehicle in for a 45,000 mile service that cost me $400. I have taken this vehicle in for scheduled service ever since I bought it and have never put any fluid into it.. When I brought in the vehicle to look at this problem they informed me that the reservoir was broken due to the fluid inside freezing, and it will cost $135. to replace it. When I bought this automobile I also mistakenly purchased the Honda Care Warrantee for five years. Dealer service told me it was not a warranted item. I told the service people to replace it and paid the $135. In my 25 years of driving many different automobiles and 8 of those years living in northern Michigan, I have never heard of this happening. My second car (Mercury) is parked outside all the time and the CRV in the garage. The Mercury is fine. I then wrote to American Honda co.,Inc. and explained everything to them. They assigned a case worker to investigate, he spoke to the dealer service center and decided that this was not a manufacturing defect and therefore not covered by the warrantee. Conclusion by Honda: My fault. I must have put plain water in the reservior in the middle of winter. Maybe I was off my meds at the time. Inspector Tobyhanna, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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