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American Honda Honda decided to Screw Over a customer with Cancer Honda of Fife Dealership Nationwide!!. So I have Stage 3 Colon cancer and am going through chemotherapy right now. Since January I have been having leak/mildew issues with my car, and have been working with the dealership and American Honda to resolve the issue. I leased this car in June of 2016, it was brand new and I have only had it for 9 months. They’ve even assigned me a case manager from American Honda. Now, in all these months, they have fixed the car four times (one time actually made the issue worse and I ended up with a pool of water in my backseat), and the last three times, they said it was fixed when in reality it was not. I am now pursuing lemon law action because despite a letter from my oncologist telling them it is unsafe for me to drive a car with leak/mildew issues, they have made it clear they won’t let me return the car. I have told them that this has inconvenienced me more than going through chemo therapy, because I have to work around my schedule and get rides there when I’m on my medication. All the case manager told me was to refer to my consumer booklet and was of no help at all. I have been a Honda customer for 6 years, and I have never been treated like this. I will never own a Honda again and I do not recommend anyone get a Honda, because they do not care about their customers. Please SHARE this with everyone you know, I want Honda to realize this is no way to treat a customer, let alone a customer with cancer that shouldn’t be driving a leaky mildewy car. Soraia Auburn, WA

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