American Quality Lodge Panama City


Takedownman ( dale Gill) uses social media sites building up all these fake persona’s online just to turn around creates Fake sob stories online to sell to someone else. Dale deliberate use’s someone else’s identity, as a method to gain to his financial advantage; he also obtain other people’s credit and other>> benefits in the other peoples name’s ,He takes advantage over someones else loss goes under one of his sock accounts on Via: youtube.Targeting his victim and switches name’s to make him out to be some sort of a Hero. He claims “This is his business and is a small little community.” Here is the real darkness >>>> behind this money maker Entrepreneur , he admits to looking up CP and thinks he has special permission to view it. He also teaches his viewers how to break the laws federal and state. Do not take any advice from this convicted criminal. He exploits women and children. | Him and Von Helton both think they talk to young girls online and both of them support each other. Him and Von started a Go fund me page back in 2015. That got taken down claiming,” they are donating to make a wish foundation and they keep no money they make from youtube.” Their was zero records shown they made any donations. Do not what so ever believe or give any strangers your money. It is also against the Terms of service to use fake names through paypal . Dale is listed as entertainment and there is nothing entertaining seeing CP , breaking the laws and begging for money. Not to mention ” seeing him perv on little girls”, “attacking women” and “children online.” He is currently trying to attempt to do a exit scam as many already reported him and his cult like followers to legal departments from around the world. When something does not happen he goes on Youtube and gains attention , any sympathiser to give him money through his fake stories and no where in his background check does it mention he has Autism. He has a learning Disability. Do not pay this guy to hack either , because you would only get scammed. He is on well fair and this guy earns his pocket cash for all these scams he is running.

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