American Standard Auto Protection Review


IF YOU HAVE ALSO BEEN SCAMMED INTO BUYING A “BUMPER TO BUMPER” WARRANTY OR SCAMMED BY THIS COMPANY IN ANY OTHER FASHION PLEASE EMAIL THE FOLLOWING GMAIL ADDRESS: ASAP.WARRANTY.LAWSUIT.2017 (Some websites prohibit the use of actual email addresses in complaints/reviews. Add gmail .com to the end and it’ll go through) PLEASE INCLUDE *BASIC* INFORMATION SUCH AS YOUR NAME AND NUMBER AND A LAWYER WILL REACH OUT TO YOU FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO BE INCLUDED IN THE CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. (***IF YOU FEEL THE NEED TO SEND DETAILS OF YOUR EXPERIENCE PLEASE TRY TO LEAVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION SUCH AS ACCOUNT NUMBERS, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, CREDIT CARD NUMBERS, ETC.***) | My Story: ASAP sold me a fraudulent aftermarket warranties under the false notion that it was a Bumper To Bumper Warranty! I was sold an aftermarket Auto Warranty under false pretenses. When searching for an auto warranty on Google, you’ll find paid advertising for ASAP Auto Warranty on the 1st page. You’ll also find a few select product review sites (namely that praise the service as top tier. When you call and ask for a “bumper to bumper warranty” the sales reps will say that’s what you’re getting. When you mention certain items that a bumper to bumper warranty covers the sales reps will assure without a doubt that’s what you’re getting. I drive a 2010 Audi Q5. This model is known for having a reliable engine and transmission. | So I only asked the sales rep about the electronics in my car such as the panoramic sun roof and sunshade, the windows and the radio. I didnt even ask about the engine and transmission, water pump and other various engine components because there are no bumper to bumper warranties that don’t cover those kinds of items by default. Then they pressure you into quickly buying the alleged bumper to bumper warranty with a special, sale or discount of some sort that will expire if you don’t purchase right away or within a number of hours. I felt as though I was getting a deal because they allowed me to make payments. 8 months later something fell in my sunshade while open and tore it off the tracks. | I went to go get the sun shade on my car replaced and was told that’s not covered when I SPECIFICALLY asked about the sunroof and sun shade prior to buying this fraudulent warranty. That’s when I found out when you actually sign up you realize they don’t even offer a bumper to bumper warranty. If you call and complain ($2400 later I might add) their excuse is “You signed the contract. You had 30 days to cancel it.” So of course when I tell them what the sales rep offered over the phone they say it’s impossible. And of course when they say “We’ll try to pull up the conversation” they’re not going to actually do it because it would cost them money. | Now I don’t know what business model they use. But at MY job we don’t talk with customers for over 30 mins telling them the wonderful services they’ll get only to hand them a contract that doesn’t include ANY of what we talked about. And if I’m not mistaken, my job training informs me that if you advertise a particular product and then offer them something else at point of sale that’s what’s known as “Bait and Switch” which is illegal. I can’t do that at my job. I have since found other reviews of customers who were also fraudulently sold “bumper to bumper” warranties. I will be gathering information to do a class action lawsuit shortly. UPDATE: COLLECTING A LIST OF OTHER VICTIMS. ENOUGH VICTIMS CAN WIN THE CASE.


Name: American Standard Auto Protection

Country: United States

State: Delaware

City: Wilmington

Address: 300 Delaware Ave

Phone: 800-644-2450


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