American Student Debt Solutions Review


Very simple guys, I called Department of Education FSAFA and found out all the income driven programs and loan consolidations can be done for free at and takes less than 5 minutes. Before I knew ANY of this I go ta call from a girl named Hilary from American Student Debt Solutions and she told me I qualified for a $30/month payment even though I recieve non taable disability income meaning I don’t have to report any income and am eligibl for a $0 payment in the new loan forgiveness income driven payment act. (Website above is how to do it for free; I certainly wish I I did). Anyways they take whatever your student loan payment is and ADD $30 to it so that they can continue to charge you $30 a month for leaving a piece of paper that allows them limited power of attorney for you so when it comes time to update your income (which is only once a year) they can call you and forward your income for you (like you can’t do this on your own!!).. BEWARE of companies that charge you upfront for a service you can do for free and make it sound like it’s exclusive only through them and have some type of maintainence charge like they did me. Now I had to remove and block them from my student loans account directly with my servicer, call my bank and lift the automatic withdrawal that their doing through my bank, as well as correct the address they have on file for me so that my statesment and personanl student loan information is not intercepted by American Student Debt Solutions! BEWARE OF AMERICAN STUDENT DEBT SOLUTIONS, they are a SCAM!! It’s one thing if they tell you that you can do it on your own and you don’t want to, but its a whole another thing to tell you it’s exclusive through them and to charge you a fee for a service you can do for free thinking only they can do it for you, and then try to make you pay them forever until you realize your being scammed and none of the money thats been coming out of your account is paying off your student debt!! .

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