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I found a car on that I thought was pretty sharp so I sent the owner commenting on it and asking a few questions. A few days later I got an email from a guy telling me about the car and that he was wanting to sell it because he is in the military and about to ship out for another tour. He game me a vin number so I could get a carfax report on it and everything. We discussed a price and came to an agreement. Well he wanted to go through this company called Auto Traders LLC. online to handle the title and money. SO I purchased a moneygram which is obvioulsly unsafe and sent them the confirmation number. A week later it had been cashed and still no car. The number doesn’t work for the online service and they never return emails then I found on here where somebody else had been taken the same way so it was a put on by the same ppl. The money gram was cashed in Orlando Fl but that is all I know about. Scottylynn troy, AlabamaU.S.A.

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