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On 1/13/18 my wife made a left turn on left turn green light. it must have turned yellow but video is so poor no yellow shows. It show sturning red when she was halfway through the turn and in the middle of the intersection. Florida law no stopping on a crosswalk or intersection-keep going if safe to do so. The vehile is registered to me, so I am charged with the offense. After reading some past court records I discovered that the video is inadmissable as evidence that I was the driver, that there was no police officer present who can argue in court that the driver ran a red light, and that assigning legal authority to charge, or give notice to anyone, by anyone other than Law Enforcement, is in violagtion of Florida Law. The notice reads : The Traffic infraction enforcement “officer”” OR law Enforcement officer “”named above”” has reviewed the recorded image(s)- they only get 2 cherry picked to eliminate yellow light -evidencing the red light signal violation

has identified the tag# and found “”reasonable”” and “”probable”” grounds that an offense has been committed. There was/is no “” above named officer””. So maybe officer A

or maybe officer B


maybe not. If either did

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