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I went to America’s Best on Feb 8, 2005 to buy contacts and to get an eye exam as I had not had one for around 2 years or so. I had to wait about a half hour or so to see him. The eye doctor asked me why I was there that day. I said to get more contacts as my prescription had expired and until I have the Lasik done I needed to get buy until then. They he went on to say that over 10% of people who get the Lasik correction have lots of problems and that he has seen these people. They also told him it wasn’t worth it. After that he kept saying to me that I shouldn’t get the surgery and is it worth it to have eye problems or possibly not be able to see to save on not having to buy contacts and/or glasses. nWhen I got the contacts he prescribed(which I didn’t like) I was not told by anyone that I was only allowed to use one pair until my follow up appointment which wasn’t for another 2 wks(the doctor is only there 3 or 4 days a week). After the doctor only prescribed those particular kind of contacts they were called Softmed(very thin lenses not durable), not to mention the fact that I didn’t like them. I told him this at the follow up appointment for the contacts, I had to bring my son this time as this was on a Saturday and he was running late 1/2 as usual.I was also told by the doctor that I was not taking care of the lenses and that’s why I had to use another pair(I have been wearing contacts for going on 13 years, this coming from a man who only wears glasses). This was the second appointment as I had to reschedule because again I had my 17 month old son with(no patience for doctors running late there) he was again 1/2 late by the time he would have got to me it would have been 45 minutes to an hour. I don’t have that kind of time. When I rescheduled and saw the doctor for the follow up for the contacts he was very upset and asked me several questions why I didn’t like the other contacts etc…nThe run around again finally I just said I wanted the Acuvue 2 again as I like them better he huffed then wrote the new prescription and told me he would need to see me in another wk again to follow up. So today(March 5th, 2005) I am scheduled for the follow up I am going to ask and see if I can get a refund on the eye club I had purchased the Silver Eye club AKA 3 year plan(I was also not told that I had to buy the first 2 boxes from them, America’s Best) as I don’t plan on ever going back there again. Not only was the staff(I’m guessing when I returned the other contacts I didn’t like the Softmed brand) that she is a Manager she told me that they don’t usually take back and give a refund and or exchange contacts if more that one pair was missing I then got very upset and I think she knew this so she did it anyway and had to say to me that it was coming out of her or their pocket now. Oh well I thought they should have got me in on time or they should have said that to me about only using one pair of contacts out of the box ect… The only reason I went there was because I don’t have vision insurance and their exam was the cheapest but all the hassle, run arounds I have endour not to mention the dirty looks, snotting remarks and their downright rudeness I plan to never return ever. nI have realized now that it is not worth it to go see this doctor is always late, always rude to just save money. I do still have my pride but barely thanks to America’s Best not giving their best.I have already purchase new glasses at JCPenney Optical as they have always been nice to me there. nMelissanSuperior, WisconsinU.S.A.

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