America’s Home Place Review


roofing AH installed has 30yr shingles and I’ve got leaks in the roof and the staples they used to install the roof are backing out and pushing up through the overlapping shingle. The drywall work looks like a beginner installed it. Back to the roof. I had a company come give me an estimate on the roof and they said it’s the worst they’ve ever seen and they couldn’t believe it is only 3yrs old. The cost of the new roof is $14000 for the 3yr old roof!!! The materials used during construction, such as caulking, has already cracked and deteriorated to the point it needs scraping and replaced. I contacted the original homeowner and he gave me their story about how bad AH was to deal with. I would never have purchased this house except for the fact it was reduced price because of foreclosure. I’m in the Carroll County, GA area.

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