AmeriMark Direct, LLC. Review


I noticed my credit card payments were not going down when it came time to do my bills. I looked further into my credit card statement and found a charge from Amerimark Direct for $29.99. I called and reported it with the company’s number that was listed on my credit card statement. I had not signed up nor agreed to have a membership. The representative informed me since I was unaware of the fee being charged, she would cancel it and refund me the money. After hanging the phone up, I decided to look at my other credit card statements just to see if I was charged the fee at any other time. Sure enough, since April of 2015, Amerimark Direct charged my credit card every month. With me being 74 years old, and never thinking twice, I don’t read my card statements just because the simple fact that I haven’t used my card to purchase anything in a long time, so no need right? I was wrong. I really hope someone can do something about this company, because now I face financial hardships because when my card gets charged, an interest rate is also charged along with that fee. I am very upset about this and hoping action will take place.


Name: AmeriMark Direct, LLC.

Country: United States

State: Ohio

City: Cleveland

Address: 6864 Engle Road

Phone: 440-325-2000


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