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Amerivest Companies LLC / Brian Palmer from Romeo Michigan Brian P. Palmer of Romeo Michigan. Amerivest Companies LLC Amerivest Limited Partnership investment opportunities Identity theft and attempted robbery of sovereign bonds Romeo Michigan!!. Former State Rep. Brian P. Palmer began a relationship with a small island state off the coast of Cuba, yes Cuba; sometime around August 2018. He VERIFIED everything pertaining to the islands legitimacy, which is expected! I would too! I presume the true reason of his extreme due diligence was to find the weak spots of the fragile new state. Now be mindful that this man Brian pleaded no contest to neglect of duty by a public official, the Michigan Attorney General’s office announced in a press statement post his SCAMMING trial. “Palmer, 64, of Romeo, entered the plea in connection with his role in assisting two other men operate a $9 million Ponzi scheme that defrauded more than 150 persons between 2006 and 2012”, the attorney general said. So after Mr. Palmer realized the financial potential the little country could provide he and his cronies, proceeded to offer to monetize their sovereign bonds, backed by two Latin american bonds (backed by gold) sold to him (the King) through a 3rd party individual. The King of the state, officially recognized by Cuba’s fmr. President Fidel Castro Ruz, trusted this man but why shouldn’t he have; Mr. Palmer was so kind at first and even vouched for the King to US officials. He performed “miracles” for him by bringing awareness of the potential this state has to offer in the sphere of trade. So after the monetization began, Mr. Palmer got in cahoots with the 3rd party who sold the bonds to the King and in order to presumably steal the monetized funds (in a trading program…or as he called it ‘asset management program) He blindly claimed theft of the instruments to the monetization team, not knowing that their are SIGNED CONTRACTS proving the King owns the said instruments. When Mr. Palmer realized he had bit off more than he could chew and that he had been crossed over by HIMSELF, he proceeded to attempt to destroy the small state by filing negative and frankly untrue stories about the King of the country. I have to speak for the country as they will not dignify stupidity with a response. Mr. Palmer bit off more than he could chew and when he realized what and WHO he crossed (a legitimate country) he has hid and proceeded to lie his way out of his own web. May God be merciful! This message is meant to bring awareness of Mr. Brian Palmer at Amerivest LLC He will change up the company name when he reads about this but your reign of terror on the little guy is over sir. It’s shameful to pick on the young, old and frankly those wanting to make a better world for those around them. Cuba and the US stand much to gain by this little country. If you want a slice of the pie, do it right, don’t play the same game other nations try….take what you want and overthrow their leaders. Oh btw the island nations relationship with the US is strong and improving every day…readers…BEWARE of doing any business with Brian P. Palmer.

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