ami-aimeeskincream Hot Springs Arkansas


Complaint: I ordered a “Trial”” of Megyn Kelly’s skin products that was advertised online. I paid the $4.95 for the cost of handling and submitted it. There was no disclosure of any other costs or agreements. Now I get my credit card statement showing that they have chaged me $89.95 on Dec 28

Tags: Sales People

Address: 2016 and another $84.95 on the following day

Website: 877-740-8718

Phone: December 29th. I called the phone number that was shown on my credit card statement and a woman asnswered and identified herself as Ami #010. I took that to be her name until I rethought it and noted her name was given to me as the same name as the company. I explained what I called for and she interrupted me and told me that I only had 14 days to cancel. I told her there was no statement to that effect on the ad and she continued to be rude and interrupt me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said none was available. Then a minute or 2 later she put me on hold and said she was going to speak with her supervisor. Then she returned and said they she would give me a 50% refund. I told her that was only a start and that I expected a full refund. She continued her rudeness and interrupting and said that the refund had already been given and that she didn’t have time to talk with me anymore. She hung up. This appears to be an entrapment ripoff. I believe that the only reason she got off to speak to the supervisor (that wasn’t there) was the fact that I told her that I was retired law enforcement (true) and that I read the ad very carefully and found no evidence of a 14 day cancel period or anything else that made reference to this. It appears that Megyn Kelly is fronting a ripoff scam. I expect a full refund to our account.”

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