Amie Sue Davis – Ft. Myers, Florida Florida


Beware if the Fake Bling that is Amie Sue Davis. She obviously is Not selling commission costume jewelry. Here she stands in her work doorway flaunting her only balloons like shes done since puberty, targeting FtMyers male tourists, manipulating men with sales jargon, closing the deal, stealing your man. Her stomping grounds are FtMyers, Punta Gorda, local beaches of SW Florida. This 50+b____ lives with mommy, while her son kives with his dad. Hmmm. BEWARE wives, girlfriends, she has no conscience or class. She propositions your boyfriend, husband, spends hotel days and nights, blows up his phone, threatens to visit your home. Day time soliciter at Dana Tyler Jewelry for other lady’s men. It probably already happened to you.

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