Amli At Osprey Lake Review


Their move-in process is designed to be very laid back. During the initial walkthrough with the leasing agent, she acted as though she was told to not say anything, and to not spot out any damage if I missed anything in the report. The AMLI employee did not spot out that there were already missing items in the apartment. They also only collected a $75 security deposit. Why, so you can collect at the move-out instead of paying? During the move-out inspection after we had already moved out, we were charged for damages that we did not do. We were also charged for missing broiler pans and oven racks. These costed a total of $200 for everything that was ‘missing.” I never had those when I moved in because we never cooked in the oven, and definitely didn’t take any oven items with us when we moved out. I had to pay because they threatened to sick their collection agencies after us if we didn’t pay by a certain date. I won’t refer this place to anyone. It looks nice and is nice, but the surrounding area and city is CRAP with nothing to do and nowhere to go out. The residents are also ghetto. We were told that there was a bunch of young 20 somethings like myself living there, and there wasn’t . It was a bunch of black people and small families, so we didn’t meet a single friend living there for 2 years.

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