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Ripoff Scams Hello Basically they were using a scam with the way they organized their site, diverting people about what is happening while we are booking. The information was there but you wouldn`t notice it in a proper way. It was legal for them but not transparent for the client. I was booking an Hotel to Luxemburg. First i have to change the dates in the proper box during the booking first step page. Then in the last phase when i was puting my credit card data and buying the stay in the hotel, didn`t appear the confirming box of the purchase before the final clik. I only notice the real date after when opened the envoice. After i explain them the situation by email, they hid themselves in formalities and in the booking conditions. For me this is an each time more way of trap used everywhere in computer systems and internet. They divert the attention of people from the information in the screen. Of course the information is there and because that people feel that is their fault and don`t have courage to complain because fear to look full. They take advantage of this psychological phenomenon, the moral cowardice. The people who suffer a situation like this normaly tend to put themselve in the agressor side (to protect their self-esteem) and if someone start to complain too about the same, they start to accuse that person. I think it will be very important that our international community would impose transparency mechanisms to the way this agencies have to present their produts in internet. Thanks very much

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