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I’m wondering if you could be of assistance. Have you had any complaints regarding Ampco Parking systems ( 621 17th St, ste.600, Denver 80293). Over this Labor Day weekend, I was helping at the Taste of Colorado with a local fine dining restaurant, So as I waded my way throughout downtown I finally located a close parking lot, on Glenarm St As I was parking in (space #22) approx. 2:30 p.m. Friday, two lot attendants were working changing the signage to increase the prices, from six to ten dollars, so as I was inserting my six dollars, on of guys came to inspect the little boxes, and told me ” don’t worry man we just saw you put your money in we won’t charge you any more, we are making these changes for the weekend and any one after you will have to pay”. So I reiterated what he told me and thanked them. So imagine my surprise at the audacity of finding a fifty dollar ticket for non-payment, when I got back to my car. So my witness and I decide we cannot do anything then but we would call to complain ASAP Well needless to say this seems to be a run around because of the following:1) You can pay within 14 days, and get a $20 discount.2) You can decide not to pay and they will take you to collections, for full amount plus costs/ attny fees,3) or they tell you you can appeal. No problem, I figure there’s two of us we can i.d. the car the two attendants were in and what they told us, so I call the number from the book (303.308.0385) Tues./ Weds/ Thurs no answers ( 32 minutes logged), and on the ticket (supplied (303.893.0947) and get a recording which states in order to appeal go to [email protected]; now heres the rub, it leads no where, I’ve spent two days trying every search engine to no avail. But if I want to pay online, well that site is ready to go. This company is way out of line, and I plan to fight it. I only want what is fair, which is the fact that i paid what was asked, but now they hold me over the coals saying that I did not pay and they want more, but I have no recourse, because I do believe they expect people to jump through all the hoops and most people would just give up and pay. Ross Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.

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