AMR LD st pete FL Review


I noticed a charge for $61.02 on my credit card statement June from a company called 1-800-439-6272 Long Distance, when I called this company they said it was for a prepaid calling card plan that I had ordered. nnThis not being the case, the lady on the phone was very quick to say that a credit would be issued within a couple of days. After checking my statement today to see if a credit was issued-There was a new charge of $61.02 from AMR LD Service, not having a phone number I checked on line and found this site with a phone number and gave them a call. nnI called today and was on hold for almost 45 minutes, finally I spoke with a Customer Service Rep who quickly agreeded to give me a credit within 5 days. nnI questioned the rep on who authorized the charge, how the received my credit card information and was told they did not have that information handy. Watch out for this company and more charges.nnJennSt Petersburg, FloridaCLICK HERE: Ripoff Scams uncovers who’s who and who you need to contact to get a refund

Irvine, California U.S.A.



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