AMTRAK Petaluma California Review


BELOW IS LETTER I SENT TO AMTRAK – No reply no help ! My father before he died wanted to take me on a train ride from Chicago to California, a father son trip we had never had a chance to take, I purchased this trip for him and flew to Chicago to take the train back to California with my father because its something he always wanted to do with me ! What was supposed to be a father son trip ended up being a complete nightmare and traumatized my father. My father and I were on the Zepher from Chicago to Sacramento on these dates 12th to 14th January 2014, my father is handicapped so we had requested a room with a bathroom because he cannot walk while train is in motion for he has use of only 1 legg and 1 arm. When we boarded the train there was a very foul stomach turning smell of u201cexcuse my languageu201d POO AND PEE! We were told by the conductor that the septic system had malfunctioned and they would fix it at the next stop in Lincoln I believe he said! Needless to say this was not fixed we complained numerous times, we told the conductor my father could not leave the room to use bathroom unless train was stopped due to his handicap and yet nohing was done, we were told all the rooms were filled. My father had numerous accidents in his pants because he could not hold it, the smell on train was so bad I threw up myself from the smell !On last night of trip we were offered a smaller room at far end of the train were we would spend the last 12 hours of the trip, is was to far from dining car so we were stuck in room yet again ! I called up AMTRACK when we got home and requested a full refund due to the inhuman conditions we were forced to endure , I explained to them my father was handicapped and had no choice but to have accidents in his pants because he had no bathroom in his room, also the unhealthy smell we had to endure and AMTRACK simply offered me a $300.00 credit , they told me they provided me with a service and I must pay for it, I asked them how living a nightmare can be called a service? I asked them if they felt it was right a 70 year old handicapped man should have to poo and pee in his pants FOR 3 DAYS . This is an outrage, my father was traumatized over this ordeal it was 3 days of pure hell. This was supposed to be a handicapped mans father son getaway dream thing he always wanted to do ! What I would like first is an apology from AMTRACK to my father in WRITING, then I would request a complete refund of money, not a credt for travel a complete refund to my credit card ! This I feel is not out of line for the torture we were put through. I ask you how is it ok to make a handicapped man go to the bathroom in his pants and they tell us that they provided us with a service? I will not simply go away with this, i exspect AMTRAK to do the right thing ! One of the things that really bothers be is AMTRAKS response stating they provided me with a service? I ask again what service did you provide me? .

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