Amy Brown Kidd – San Antonio, Texas Texas


I like everyone to see what a true home wrecker looks like. This is Amy Brown kids. Don’t let her smile fool you she will f*** any man out there. Including the ones in committed relationships. She stole my ex a few years ago when they were both working for the same company as residential supervisors. Apparently she contacted him wanting to hook up completely aware of him being in a relationship with me, not to mention she was married with someone else at the same time. On a Saturday afternoon in 2014 he was covering one his staff members who called off that day so he invites her over to his group home and of course she being the whore she is runs right over there and they both fuck in the restroom floor. Mind you this is a place were people with mental retardation live and they both work for the same company so the people they work with are in their bedrooms while these two lowlifes are fucking on the restroom floor. He fucked around with her for about two weeks before I found out and kicked his sorry cheating ass out of my house and life for good. Those two can have each other for all care. Remember once a cheater always a cheater.

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