Amy D. Thompson – Rockville, Indiana Indiana


This p.o.s. was my friend first. my husband didn’t want anything to do with associating with her out side of work. well I convinced him to go to a few get togethers at her place. the last one was easter. the next day she messages me and says shes kicking her husband out. I felt bad and said anytime you want to talk let me know. well two days later my husband convinces me to change jobs to an evening job “because it would be better for us” and the two boys we are raising. lo and behold I come home early one night to find this cunt in my home and no kids but the husband claimed she was there to help watch the boys, and cut his hair. I said ok well when you have time please cut mine… (she really cant cut hair for shit but I wanted to see what she would say) she says sure go wet it and I will do it now. while I am wetting my hair I look over my shoulder and see this skank straddle my husband. I come out asking what the hell is going on they both had the nerve to say nothing that I imagined it. then the next day she drives by and he runs out after her. three days later we have sex two days in a row and both times he looks like he just had liver for dinner. but that second night he was going out to help that skank pack up her husbands crap. after coming back from 4 hours out there he is GLOWING!!!! I asked him what happened and why the glow. he again says I am imagining it. then starts the 500 texts between that he told me were none of my business…. I officially decide to move out. on aug 8 I moved out at 5 pm at 530 that bitch moved in and was sleeping with my husband and continues to this day. my husband filed for divorce well in the mean time he continues to come over by me wanting sex saying she sucked at sex and he has even said he wants to come home but it has to be after they are no longer living in the house that I got them kicked out of. he is a p. o. s. and so is she. they are both in the one pic then the other is of her by herself.

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