Amy Harvey – Virginia Beach, Virginia Virginia


This woman is having an affair with my husband. She is aware of our marriage and the fact that I am pregnant with our third child and yet she still chooses to be with him. I have no respect for women who deal with married men especially when the wife tells them the truth and they have yet to back off. She works with my husband and is 13 years older than my husband so she is well aware of what she is doing. She threatens him with telling their HR department if he wants to leave her and suicide. This woman has ruined my life and my children. My husband is also wrong as he continues to entertain her and I am tired of being treated like the other woman where I am the wife! I deserve more than what is happening. She works at Advance Auto so ladies be wary that she will take your man while she sells car parts! She likes them black and in their late 20’s!

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