Amy Josefsen – Marquette, Michigan Michigan


Amy is a nurse at Marquette General Hospital and was married with 6 kids when she started going after a married doctor who works there as well. She started sleeping with him on Mother’s Day if that’s any indication to the type of woman she is. So, while other nurses were working hard to care for their patients, Amy and her friend were taking slutty pictures in the supply closet and sending them to the doctor who was also supposed to be working (and overseeing students and doctors in training). Besides being a gold-digging, HOMEWRECKER, prior to this affair, she has been kicked out of bars and banned for life for her behavior (which her husband always had to try to defend her for). She has been kicked out of local Halloween parties for showing up clad in extremely revealing lingerie. Her Facebook was so full of pictures like this one and even ones of her and her friend with a group of guys proudly holding lube and condoms (which she rarely uses—heads up) pre-orgy. When the doctor—who is older than her and clearly going through a midlife crisis—decided to declare his love for her, leave his wife of 16 years, his autistic son and adult daughter in the local college, his daughter called her out for all her pics. She played the victim crying and saying her husband and friend made her do these things. She slept with another friend’s husband and when she got caught cried rape, causing the couple to leave town. She has left 3 of her 6 kids in Wisconsin with her husband and took 3 with her but they spend their time at her moms so she can continue to frequent bars and screw married men. While the doctor tried to reconcile with his wife, she continued to send him texts destroying any chances of repair. She parades him in public as much as she can, she is all over him and has ruined his reputation (rightfully so). She brags about getting herself a doctor and again cries victim (I had a rough childhood, I married so young, I didn’t know any better, my husband pimped me out and that’s why every man in town has naked pictures of me on their phone, my friend put all those pics on my Facebook…) anytime she is called out on it—trust me, the only person who believes her is this doctor who desperately wants to be young and party like a frat boy again (yeah, they party on work nights. Is your doctor or nurse hungover when they care for you?) Does she look much like a victim in this pic? This nurse doesn’t care how many people or children get hurt as long as she can spread her legs and get some attention for it. So beware if you end up at Marquette General Hospital, you might be waiting for care (if she is your nurse) because she has her panties down in the closet distracting doctors or she might try something on your husband while you’re recovering. This woman has no morals and while the doctor is just as bad—I am withholding his name (although I would love to share it) because his wife is also a physician (at a different hospital) and deserves none of this shame that she is already having to live with while trying to get over the devastation these two have caused and trying to help her son get through this terrible realization of what his father and this nurse did to their family. By the way, she (and he) teach students so this is what their learning to do at MGH. 

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