Amy K. Bauder Wood – Portland, Oregon Oregon


Slept with a trucker at 16 and got genital herpes. Doesn’t tell partners she is with she has herpes. Gave my best friend herpes while dating him. Slept with my ex-boyfriend shortly after we broke up, giving him herpes. Oh, she also loves doing meth and lying to the people who care about her and try to help her get off of it. At 20, started dating a meth addict to keep her supply going. Got pregnant with said guy and supposedly got sober. I thought this would be the turn around in our friendship. She seemed to be doing well for awhile. She gained a lot of weight but genuinely cared for her son and was a good mother. The father was a drunk. They both were still major pot heads who would choose weed over diapers but at least they weren’t gacked out anymore. Three years go by and Amy decides to go to a cheap community college for surprise, surprise…horticulture. There she meets a guy who grows and sells weed and Ms. Amy the bag bitch is reborn. She is fucking this guy while he is simultaneously dealing to her husband. Talk about a classy family. Husband eventually finds out and kicks her out, keeping my godson. Out of concern because he is an alcoholic, I keep an eye on him on the kid for the kid’s safety. I am in a relationship at the time. I occasionally watch the kid and make sure father isn’t driving drunk with kid in car. Amy takes this as we are havint sex, and tells my boyfriend that. It ruins our relationship. Amy and I don’t talk for a year or two. When we do talk again, she has ‘mysteriously’ lost 150 pounds which she attributes to eating healthier. She works at a head store she tells me, is having sex with her boss who is married with two children, doesn’t tell the guy she has herpes, is sleeping with his friend who owns another convenience store, and is still sleeping and I think living off and on with the guy who wrecked her marriage. Oh, and is probably keeping her high. There’s more to this story. At one point in us being “friends” again, her boss fires her and she loses her apartment. She asks to stay with me for a few days. I let her. She asks for a ride to her boss to get her last paycheck which turns out to be a Howard Johnson Inn so she can turn a trick for money. Turns out she is hooking for him, and he “fired her” from the convenience store so his wife wouldn’t find out. She comes back to my house later like it wasnt a big deal. I told her she couldn’t stay. Her response? To call an ex of mine of who horribly abused me for 4 years and go stay with him. She was my friend back then too and knew the stuff he did to me. After a couple of weeks of staying with him, she even had the nerve to come to my house and lie to my face that she was doing well there, just watching his kids and cleaning from time to time. I confronted her a week later via email and it turns out her herpe Infested ass is banging him too. My best friend is sleeping with the person who has hurt me most in my life. Then she goes on to say, well, whenever you stop being mad I’ll be here. Like I will just get over it. I never did. Two years have gone by and I never did. Instead, I find this lovely website to inform all of you what a disgusting scag Amy and her nasty sister Jennifer Lynn Davis are. They are both whore pig meth addicts who will cause you nothing but grief and suck you dry (literally!) for anything you have and are worth. WARNING: STAY AWAY IF YOU KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU.

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