Amy Watson – San Jose, California California


This woman Amy Watson has been through three husbands of her own already, and is out to make yours her 4th. Watch out for her! Don’t be charmed by her southern twang or easy laugh. This woman is EVIL incarnate. And to you, Amy Watson- There are so many things that Iíve wanted to say to you, so many things Iíve wanted to tell you, and even things Iíve thought about doing to you. Over these months, my mind has been filled with intense emotions, thoughts and imagined scenarios- all involving you.† Sometimes, Iíve wanted to simply sling petty insults at you. It would feel so good to let loose all my anger and rage via words of hate. But, I know that would be so inconsequential. Much like the words you exchanged with my husband over these last few years, they would be meaningless- just empty words. || So, Iíve given you silence instead.† Other times Iíve wanted to show up at your door, simply to have the experience and the satisfaction of tearing your hair out and putting your head through a wall. However, I continue to use restraint with that desire too. I will not fall into violence. Every day, every hour, I restrain myself, I keep my emotions in check and I remain strong.† But still, I hate you. Now I know that most of all, above all else, that I want for you to suffer. I want your black heart to shatter and break into a thousand pieces. I want you to hurt, as much as (or even more than) youíve hurt me. I want acid to flow through your veins, and fire to rage in your chest. I want you to know the feeling of true betrayal, of shattered trust and of a pain so deep that nothing will cure it.† I want YOU to hurt.† But, then I look into my own heart and conscious, and I see that you do suffer already. Also I see that itís likely you have been suffering for a long time, perhaps forever. I see your brokenness. I see your lack of a moral conscious, and above all else, I see your extreme selfishness. So, I take solace in knowing that someone as miserable as you will likely never know true love, or true happiness. The truth is that you are used up, and pathetic. But, most of all you are alone. And, alone is how you will stay. People like you, will never find true love, not really. Sure, itís possible that ďluckybubbles777Ē may find some poor soul who is dumb enough to sleep with her on Adult Friend Finder. But ultimately sheÖ or rather YOU, will be tossed aside, like the piece of trash you are. Itís so funny to see how highly you regard yourself. For example, you may have a ďgoodĒ job now. But, we both know that youíre nothing better than the stripper you once were. The only difference is that now, your outsides are just as grotesque as your insides. Yes, I know all of your secrets Amy Watson. Iíve seen all, read all and heard all. I know so much about youÖ I look back, and I see how you (pathetically) found your validation and self worth in the attention of men. You are such a weak woman. But, the truth about feeding yourself in that way, is that itís not sustainable, and itís not real.† It wasnít real Amy.† Do your shallow hook-ups and broken marriages keep you warm at night? Do they brush away your tears and hold you when youíre in pain? Do they care for you when youíre sick? And, do they keep you parents from dying? Nope. As you well know, you live a VERY shallow existence. You were so desperate (and greedy for attention) that you convinced yourself that my husband might actually have cared for you. He did not. He used you, as a plaything. You were so gullible in your selfishness that you fell for it all.†He lied to you, a lot. Never once did he think of you. He told you that only to soothe your fragile ego, and because you were just a way to pass the time. He used you – plain and simple. He used you because thatís all you are good for, and he knew that. He was never yours, nor would he ever have been yours. You were (and are) nothing to him. You are dust. He is mine. He always has been mine, and always will be. We have a bond that you were not able to broach. You have not broken us. But, Iíll tell ya.. We sure have had some good laughs together over how disgusting you are! And the best part is you donít even seem to realize it! Itís hilarious just how pitiful you truly are. And now letís talk about how you approved of his affair with Liz Erikson (and who knows how many more of them)Ö Wow, you are truly wretched. Look at this: There you were, not capable of finding your own man, so- you moved in on mine. I was only ever kind to you, I was only ever accepting of you. I was A FRIEND to you. Yet, you did this anyway. Then you stooped so low as to also ďencourageĒ his having other affairs too! I will be lifted up, embraced and loved. But youÖ you will stand alone, cold and dark. You will live alone and die alone, in the misery of your own creation. Then, eventually your frozen soul will melt like ice in the fiery pits of hell, solitary and suffering for all eternity. You are evil incarnate. Sleep tight tonight, Amy watson.

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