Amy Wyman – Portland, Maine Maine


I always tried to give Amy Wyman the benefit of the doubt as we are both nurses and Work long hours, to excuse her stories of how she slept with a married guy from her softball team shortly after his marriage and was friends even with his wife. I covered for her at work in a hospital ER when she would melt down when the man she was dating starting seeing his ex-girlfriend again. (mind you she sent him dirty texts and messages and he cheated with Amy before he actually dated her). I listened to her cry when the guy went back to his ex girlfriend and supported Amy when she told me she would go to ex girlfriends work and Home. Even as I found it repulsive and worried she would lose her RN license but apparently the ex-girlfriend had no balls and never reported her. Stupid as hell she was to even take the loser guy back!!!! After Amys behavior this past summer and her blatenly hitting on a mutual friends husband I have to draw the line and call her out. She needs help. Shes single no children and wants a man so bad that she is desperate ladies of Maine. Keep an eye on her if shes friends with your man especially on Facebook. I know Im glad I saw her true colors and no longer have to work with her and see her daily walk around so cocky as she hurts people. Signed one mad as hell RN…

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