Amy’s Angels Cleaning, Inc.


Their cleaner, ADRIANA SALANUEVA, has stolen from countless people including me!!! After digging into this company I realized that it is a total and complete SCAM AND NOT EVEN A REAL CLEANING COMPANY!!! | It is run by a bunch of young women straight out of high school who have no idea how to run a business and are probably going to end up in jail!! All you do is call them and set up an appointment and they send some random people to your house that are not even employed by the company (many of which don’t even have thier own cleaning supplies), the cleaners have no idea what they’re doing because they are not professionals, just random people! | Then the company probably gets a very large percentage of whatever you pay the cleaners and the cleaners are left with almost nothing. The company says go through them instead of calling the cleaners directly because they do background checks and are fully insured but that is A LIE!! | I HIGHLY HIGHLY DOUBT THEY ARE INSURED OR EVEN PAY TAXES!! A large percentage of their 5 star reviews are fake!!! The owner hired someone to study Yelp’s algorithm and create fake 5 star reviews. | If you have hired this company in the past I urge you to contact the channel 7 news as they look into fraudulent companies like this and they have successfully gotten many owners like these thrown in jail!

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