an incompetent & arrogant amateur who thinks she is a doctor


Dr. Dominique Delma is an obstetrics, gynaecology, and specialist at Specialty Care Center in Kingston. She claims to have completed in The Medical College of Pennsylvania. She resides in Bronx NY Residency and does medical practices in Kingston Hospital. She also claims to have 10 years of experience in this field but she has zero etiquettes. My wife Katie had the worst experience when she had her first pregnancy in 2013. We both went to Kingston Hospital when she was 35 weeks pregnant with our son. She was having contractions which urgently needed medical attention. Someone told us about her and gave us an assurance that she is the best gynecologist. She was very rude to my wife. She told me that Dr. Delma didn’t even greet her politely and pulled her blankets off and exposed her completely. My wife felt very uncomfortable. She took off the blankets without letting her know that she was going to examine her. That was very rude. She performed a very rough vaginal examination on my wife. This wasn’t expected from such an experienced doctor like her. My wife says that it was so horrible that she still feels upset till today. It made her feel like she never wants to have kids anymore. She doesn’t want to go through that pain what Dr. Delma had put her through. She did not even care about my wife’s feelings and she was very ill-mannered. My wife was in a completely vulnerable state and instead of calming down a pregnant lady; you are being rude to her. This is not a way to behave with a patient. She even had the guts to insult her in front of the nurse.

She stated that my wife was not 35 weeks pregnant. She was too small for that and she needed to get a sonogram on my wife. She also said that my wife was lying about the due date. This crazy doctor should mind her damn business and do her work if she will be rude to her patients. My wife is a petite woman so she can’t judge her pregnancy by her physical appearance. I also came across various clients who have complained about Dr. Delma saying nasty stuff to them. They have gone through similar things my wife had dealt with. The most common thing every client has witnessed is that she puts them down. She has zero percent care and not fit for this profession. She is the worst doctor we have ever encountered. She has no love and passion for her field. She is an inappropriate doctor and her license must be taken away from her. She treats women very poorly like they are some kind of animals. She doesn’t belong to such a place where the patient needs nurturing and care. I kindly suggest pregnant women out there to never visit this arrogant lady. She needs to be replaced by some other reputed and caring doctor with manners. She is morally unfit for this medical profession and I want to see her replaced as soon as possible. She should be thrown out and sent back to practice her voodoo practices among her people. She is a racist and always discriminates against anyone who is not black. She is not like others see her to be. She is a heartless person. She is always arrogant and tries to prove herself right.

She performs medical practices without showing empathy towards other women. She is dangerous and disingenuous. She has intentionally harmed my wife and tried to injure her mentally and physically while examining her. So please guys don’t go to this unprofessional and extremely rude lady. You will get many doctors who are far better than her. One client of hers had a complaint that she cut her whole left ovary without even asking her if wanted her eggs frozen in an ectopic pregnancy. She also criticized that lady for not knowing about her pregnancy was ectopic. She is a butcher and her practices are not even worth a penny. She makes her clients feel very uncomfortable. She is a nasty and cold lady and one must avoid visiting such lady during their pregnancy. She lacks in experience while delivering a baby. If she doesn’t like her profession, the kindly change it. This not the way you treat people. She was so rough with one patient that she vomited during the labor. After the delivery, she forgot to take out the after birth and cut her open again after giving an injection to numb her. I would never recommend such a butcher to any lady. She also has no clue about the history of a patient who has been visiting her for more than 5 to 6 years. I hope she loses her license. She has gained the worst reputation among her ex-patients.

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