Ana Maria Segura – Colorado Springs, Colorado Colorado


The facts are as follows: We worked together as teachers; she provided me with curriculum as a team lead; I had to observe her classes and interacted with her many times as a coworker. I suggested that she join a team my husband was starting for local post-collegiate runners who wanted to have more workout partners. She went to some team meetings, which I also attended. Then, she found out that my husband was going to the Olympics. When I was still employed as her coworker at the school, she began an affair with my husband. She threw a surprise birthday party for him and tried to get me to secretly get him to it-although I told him what she was doing. She baked us banana cake and asked what I like to cook for my husband. She asked me all about when I wanted to have babies with my husband. She sent gifts home from school, like basil plants from the food pantry and loaves of bread. She invited my husband to her parents’ house to train before the Olympics. I warned my husband that that would mean that she wanted something in return, but this did not dissuade him as the affair had already begun. She went to an international race, a national race, and many local races because my husband got her entries comped. He skipped Thanksgiving with me to go with her to a race and have food with her family-who were also suspicious of an affair at this time. She even had him call the Colombian Athletics federation to get her into their national championships. I paid the bill. She invited him to help with school field trips, which I was happy to support because I liked him helping at the school. I thought very early that they were together but my husband wouldn’t admit to anything. I thought that he had a crush on her and she was unaware, but I didn’t trust her because she was directly rude to me several times and had huge amount of HUBRIS that she could not hide. She had instructed him to only contact her through WhatsApp, which was what I suspected for a few months before having the sufficient evidence. Eventually, I showed her husband a great deal of hard evidence that an affair was taking place, and she abruptly cut off the relationship after admitting to committing adultery over thirty times. My husband was heartbroken and confused because he gave his whole heart to her didn’t understand what was happening. She implied that she was only having the affair for running benefits (comped entries, social media exposure, attempts at elite times, which she did not run). Then, she communicated that she didn’t love him, that she would stop running, and that she had left the team. Then, she sent me a Bible verse about not throwing stones at prostitutes, at which point, I blocked her. My husband and I had never been with another partner so it was easy to see that he was being manipulated and was turning into a completely ugly person. Evil spreads like that. My husband and I had a holy marriage before God and only one partner ever-we were an easy target because I had deep trust in him. He never had this problem with many other female running partners. If she befriends you or your partner, I hope that his advice will be useful. She has treated her husband badly in similar ways, before, with other running partners. This person has lied to me and to many people. She is a naturalized American citizen who immigrated here from Colombia. She has a thick accent, and there were many English spelling and grammar mistakes in the curriculum with which she provided me. Those are the facts.

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