Ana Rivas Trejo Cordon Correra – West Palm Beach, Florida Florida


A CHAMELEON- A person who can adapt and fit in to any group or situation and make it work to their advantage. Be it defensive, predatory, or for camaraderie. A BLACK WIDOW- A calculating woman who exploits her position in a relationship to the detriment of her partner. Ana Rivas, Ana Trejo, Ana Cordon and now Ana Correa are many of her alias. Each exploited man, meets a new, not improved, Ana. She is not new to this dark web of lies and deceit. The only thing that that titillates and captivates her interest in a man is his bank account and his marital status. Many people have lived through many natural disasters such has hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, however nothing pales in comparison to Ana Rivas Trejo Cordon Correra. The destruction she leaves in her wake destroys families, careers, and even lives. The death of her own brother didn’t stop her. Being confronted by wives and ex-wives didn’t stop her. All the hours in therapy because deep down she knew her daughter was put last to her men, didn’t stop her. She has found a new prey and this one actually MARRIED her. NOT the man that gave her an engagement ring that was taken on and off like daily under garments when a beneficial situation/man peaked her curiosity. Women that fall under this category are pathological liars and there is NO doubt that the latest spouse has no idea how many marriages she has actually had. However, this group of women do know. it is unfortunate how we met, however, we want the rights we have under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, that this woman will not continue to ruin marriages and families. I would list all the ex-husbands, however, they are trying to move on with their lives and we hope have paved their way to peace since this Black Widow is out of their lives. We are open to questions and will help any woman that has had anything happen to their marriages and/or families due to this harlot.

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