Anastasia Etienne – New Iberia, Louisiana Louisiana


Anstastia Etienne of New Iberia, LA tried very hard to break up a marriage eventhough she is in a committed relationship with Jason. To say she wanted her cake and eat it two is an understatement. She has two kids with Jason who works offshore but decided to become a home wrecker by calling another man 10 times a day for almost three months and meeting up with him when Jason was offshore. Once the guy’s wife found out and confronted Anstastia she was proud of trying to hide her identity even though the wife had phone records of her calling husband cellphone and he never called her number according to phone records. The wife contacted Jason on Facebook and let him know what was going on. The two of them call her on 3way without her knowing to let Jason know what was going on. She continued to call the husband afterwards to break up a marriage and cheat on a good man. She is a low life cheating you know what. Beware of her Anastasia Renee Etienne of New Iberia Louisiana.

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