Andre Lopez – Merced, California California


Me and my husband have been married for four years and we had our ups and downs like any married couple but we worked through things and were happy,recently my husband said he was going to hang out with his cousin and i said that was fine and after he left i went on our laptop and my husband left his facebook open and i saw messages between andre and my husband about andre meeting my husband somewhere to suck his dick,i called my husband and confronted him and he said he was on his way to meet up with andre but felt bad and didnt wana ruin what me and him had so he told andre he couldnt do it and drove off and later on my husband confessed to me that hes bisexual,something i never knew until he told me,its just as much my husbands fault as it is andre but this f*ggot knew my husband was married and i found out andre volunteers at merced LGBT community center and andre has the audcity to pull this shit with other peoples spouses,just a warning to you ladys who live in merced,hide your husbands and boyfriends because andre will try to fuck them if he got the chance.

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