Andrea Dawn/Hester – Lowell, North Carolina North Carolina


Andrea Dawn/Hester is a lying cheating whore. She slept with my man while he was visiting North Carolina for his Uncle’s funeral. She is at least 10 years older & is also married/in a relationship. They were having a family get together (her dad & his dad are best friends) playing poker & everyone was drinking, her & my man went out alone to play pool & drink more, once they get back to her dad’s house they sit on the couch to watch tv when she starts rubbing & kissing on my man while knowing her husband is at home & I am in another state missing my man & they had sex. They hid this for THREE months before I caught them facebook messaging about how they remembered what they did together, how he slapped her ass & she couldn’t take it & how they enjoyed it. I confronted her woman to woman very nicely just asking for the truth, she wrote back saying “its nice meeting you” & how yes she hung out with my man alone but nothing sexual happened, how she hadn’t seen him in years & it was good catching up & beating his & his dad’s ass in poker & she ended the message saying how “He turned out to be a good kid” well a few days after he finally came clean & when I let her know she flipped out saying he must not want to be with me to cheat on me, how dare him for using her as a escape goat, how she thought she was “covering” for him with another girl but she made it a point to say she got tested… She never even owned up to it & she knew he had me & two little girls waiting for him in another state to come home. She’s a compulsive liar, whore & homewrecker. I want to warn anyone in the same state as her to watch out, she has no self respect & is willingly going to a bar with a taken man that is half her age while her husband is at home. BE WARE!

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