Andrea Elliot and Stephanie Dummar


I have a profile on, an employment website where you can advertise yourself as available to housekeep or babysit. Somebody under the alias Andrea Elliot found my e-mail on the website and sent a message to it saying they were "moving from MI to my area. She needed someone to prepare their apartment for them to move in". I said I would be available and she went over the job details. She said she decided to choose me for the job. She said my down payment would be $500 and the rest of the money she sent me would be for me to buy furniture for her house. She told me she would send a check for $2,650 and she kept her word on that. What she didn’t tell me is that the check was fake. I lied to her and told her I had cashed it in and she said to go to walmart to get a moneygram ready. She said to fill out the sender info and after she would let me know the "reciever" details. I had been leading her on to see how the scam panned out.

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