Andrea Marquina Wellington – Marquina, Florida Florida


This woman Andrea Marquina Wellington fronts as a respectful nurse and mother but all she is looking for is a man with means to provide a lifestyle she will never be able to achieve by her own. She goes after anyone who has money and is willing to spend it on her. She loves to go after guys in relationship. She has no morals, values, or boundaries. She was still living with the father of her son when started going after my fiancé, asking him to give her expensive gifts, jewels, and trips to NYC. All when I was sick dealing with serious illness. This manipulative floozy even tricked the father of her son saying she was sterile but one day showed up pregnant, knowing she wasn’t the only one in that man’s life. She blackmailed him to make him pay for a house for her, extort this poor doctor to take all the money she could, started having sex with my fiancé while I was in the hospital unaware and now she is trying to wreck my household. She had unprotected sex, performed oral sex & sent naked pictures to many doctors who showed her “money” when she worked as a nurse, hoping to get pregnant from one of them and have someone to pay her lifestyle throughout a child support. Couldn’t marry the father of her son and now this piece of trash is trying to go after my fiancé. Women like this need to be called out for what they are… Hopefully these NASTY women will learn karma will get you EVERYTIME!

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