Andrea Salazar – Santa Fe, New Mexico New Mexico


Andrea Salazar is 29 years old, she has had an ongoing affair with a married man for 3 years that is 54 years old. Andrea is and has been very well aware that the man is married. Andrea also had a boyfriend named Aaron who was notified of the affair by me and he choose to disregard and stay with her. (What a fool). Even though my husband has admitted the affair to me Andrea still chooses to deny it. Andrea will not admit the affair to me but goes around at the district attorneys office where she works and to all her friends bragging about the affair. She brags that she knows hes a married man, she claims Im the crazy ex-wife. I often wonder what her mother would think of her if she knew she liked older, married men. She also has a daughter and I hope her daughter never has to go through what she has put me and my house hold through!!!! Remember KARMA always comes full circle!

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