Andrea Tapia – Clovis, New Mexico New Mexico


Andrea worked with my husband, at Kelley’s Bar and Grill, for I believe a couple years. Knowing he was married and had two kids (one only 4 months old) she entered into a relationship with him anyways. She would send him photos, kissy face emojis, and even after being “caught” and seeing the damaged she had contributed to she still continued to see him. Even after have a woman to “woman” talk she again still continued to see him. With my children crying in the background she said she was still going to see him. Before I found out about her I even ran into her while picking up my 5 year anniversary/family photos and guess what she still didn’t care about me or my children’s lives and how they would be affected. Often stating “I never meant for this to happen” but STILL SEEING HIM! And it’s not all her fault, he’s just as guilty.

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