Andrew Craig Hedmann & Maria Melinda Headmann exploited, racially discriminated & cheated family of 4 of $275,779 their hard earned income and savings


Andrew Craig Hedmann & Maria Melinda Headmann exploited, racially discriminated & cheated family of 4 of ,$275,779, their hard earned income and savingsHave Not paid AT&T commissions, cost of furniture & fixtures and amounts owed under contract for inventory and bonuses. Miami Florida!!. Craig Hedmann & Maria Hedmann exploited, racially discriminated and cheated family of 4 of their hard earned money, savings and dues. Read for yourself – Go ahead and Google ‘Craig Hedmann TCTu2019 or ‘Craig Hedmann Accessory Express’ Craig Hedmann & Maria Hedmann owe me $275,000+ since 12 years, not calculating interest of over $300,000 and attorney fees of over $50,000 for fighting this case in Miami Date county. They are feeding their children and grand children from our hard earned money & savings, that they are holding back by exploiting a contract that was signed with the intention to cheat and deprive us from our livelihood. He has lied under oath during deposition, by stating that the server which had all accounts and reports related to these commissions was crashed in 2017 and that this daughter Erica S and his IT person Greg Nadeau brought this unto him and they fixed it. When we deposed Erica S (who is a police officer) she stated that she was not aware of this crash, she was not even working at that time and was in place academy for training. However her father just mentioned this recently to her (and not the other way around). Greg Nadeau stated that he wasnu2019t aware of this crash and that he did not even work with Craig or Maria in 2010. Now his attorney is trying to change the testimony and trying to curb the small guy and silence us. No Mr Dearr, that is not happening. The more you use your dirty tactics, frivolous motions and intimidation in depositions or emails, this matter is not going away. He has done this 4 times earlier. He used scare tactics on two other agents pressuring them to sign on contracts they didnu2019t agree with. And he intimidated 2 ex employees of TCT who wanted to file a lawsuit for sexual discrimination, ethics and policies violation, unpaid wages and illegal termination. Both times you must have succeeded and silenced them. Not this time Mr Craig Dearr. Craig Hedmann has not paid a sum of $275,000+ which he has with him since April 2006, which was owed to my company and myself for commissions, furnitures & fixtures and other dues. This sum was to be paid back to us, if we decided to leave them and start our own business. As per the Sub Agent contract (see attached) they were supposed to remit our commissions (which they collect from AT&T) pay us for the furniture and fixture that we installed, paid for and set up in the 5 stores that we were operating under this Sub Agent contract. We gave them a notice of termination of agreement in March 2006 because they violated the terms of the contract and racially discriminated in front of AT&T managers. They agreed to pay our commissions in April 2006 and sent us an invoice which lists what was due for commissions. We handed the five working stores to them. Thereafter he promised to pay by August 2006. And in August 2006 they decided to cheat us by declining to pay us unless we sign a release which would allow them to calculate the dues as they want and completely eliminate our chances of taking them to court. We did not agree to that release as that was not a condition of payment. They arrogantly challenged us to try collect the money. We filed a lawsuit in 2018 and since then, for last 7 years, they are manipulating the law to curb our voices and succumb us to give in to their demands. Mr Hedmann has also discriminated against African American employees in past and fired three of them with no reason. As per his own store manager Mr Alain, Mr Hedmann had preferences only for white employees and has stated when looking in cameras ‘who are those black people doing in my store?u2019 He further stated that ‘I noticed that every time I would hire an individual that was African American, Craig not only made racist remarks but that employee would usually be let gou2018 such as Carlett, Ashley, and Demetrius. I received an email from my DM at the time, Manuela Carillo, that I had to choose between two African American individuals that I had to fire. It was between Zakary and Demetrius. At that time Zakary was performing really well and I did not understand why I had to decide between them, Demetrius was newly hired. I told her I would not let go of Zakary as he was a great rep and she had me fire Demetrius. He had only been with us for less than a month and had me “create 3 write upsu201d (as this was their termination process) so that we can let Demetrius go. This was the process for Carlett and Ashley as well. The employee who was fired without any reason tried to reach out to the company to get clarification, and file a complaint for discrimination, but they never resolved this issue or clarified to him why they fired him. Several employees have shared their experience of distress, disgust and extreme ethics violation at hand of Mr Hedmann, most of it is documented here in the Facebook page One of the employees, Jamie S. who has attended a Police academy in Texas, former award winning CO for Texas Dept of Criminal Justice was also illegally terminated because she refused to indulge in unethical practices of TCT. She did file a lawsuit, but because of her financial condition and the threatening approach used by Mr Hedmann and his attorney, she decided to give up on it and move on. Craig has also has been accused of not paying commissions to his agents (at least 3 agents have stated this on record) and his own employees have extremely negative things to say about Mr Hedmann. See this online report. He is also currently being investigated by AT&T for fraudulent business practices and violation of AT&T policies. He has allowed a work culture where his family friends come to work and smoke marijuana in the bathroom. This was identified by an ex-employee Ms Aileen R. who after finding that a certain Ms Indy who is friends with Mr Hedmannu2019s wife Melinda Hedmann was smoking Marijuana in their stores during work hours. She complained several times to her manager but nobody took any action because she was Mr Hedmannu2019s friend and he expressed favoritism of them. Ms Aileen R can be reached on her mobile and email, if you like to take her statement regarding this. His employees have called him a ‘Money Hungry Snakeu2019 and a person that ‘lacks integrityu2019 Almost 5-7 employees have come to voice their angst against the unethical business practices of Mr Hedmann and his illegal employee management practices. His partner left him in 2008. Almost a dozen of stores were closed, after that. His own daughter left his organization. The companyu2019s most loyal and long serving managers left him and they say he has screwed many of them and doesnu2019t know how to run his business. Mr Craig Hedmann has a habit of lying and manipulating facts to suit his design or his version. There are several people who would be witness to this. Jamie S. // Alain R. // Manny M. // Greg N. // Frank P. // Toni A. They even have customers filling complaints on Google, Yelp and Better Business Bureau about their unethical practices. YOU can help by saying NO to Racial Discrimination, NO to Legal Manipulation, NO to unethical businesses like #TCT #AccessoryExpress #CellTouch and business owners like #CraigHedmann and #MelindaHedmann

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