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In early 2016 I had a revision rhinoplasty with Andrew Frankel. The primary purpose was to fix my twisted tip. I did some research beforehand and I thought that Andrew Frankel was one of the best. After the surgery I was emotionally devastated. I gave it time to see if it was just swelling that was making me look like I did, but as time continued to pass I could see that I had gotten an unexpected and extremely disappointing result. The main technique that Frankel used on me was something that I had never previously heard of, called ‘lower lateral cartilage repositioning’. It’s basically where he repositions your lower lateral crura down at your nostril rims with hopes of lowering your nostril rims. The overall aesthetic effect that this had on my looks was absolutely devastating to me. On top of that it felt physically uncomfortable. The cartilage in my nose felt like it was stuck in the wrong position but there was nothing I could do to fix it. The amount of pain and despair this caused me is beyond words. Another technique that Frankel used on me was called ‘tongue in groove’. It’s a columella tuck where he lifted my columella up and sutured it to my septum. This shortened my nose significantly and I HATE the way it looks! This was not shown in the pre-op morphs that Frankel made for me. Him shortening my nose like that was not part of the plan. I could go on and on with things that left me devastated about my nose but I’ll spare you the medical/surgical jargon. The long and short of it is that Frankel gave me a result that I didn’t expect and one that I absolutely hated. It truly ruined my life. I requested a partial refund but he refused. Please do lots of research before choosing your surgeon and don’t believe everything you read online. A lot of these rave reviews you’ll find online may very well be fakes.

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