Andrew J. Colby Royal Palm Beach Florida


Complaint: I am writing this as a warning to any woman that meets Andrew J. Colby (31). I have a 8-year-old son with him, and he has only paid maybe $1000 total in child support since he was born. He did absolutely NOTHING to help with buying things for our son before or after he was born. Always excuses after excuses. He has been to jail ( for unpaid child support. He is a low life without a job, driver’s license, or own place to live. The rest of his family is bunch of criminals. You can find yourself at this website have a hard time to get him in front of the judge because he is trying to beat the system. He is the classical example of dead-beat-dad and needs to either pay child support or go to jail.

Tags: Family Services

Address: P.O. Box 137991 Clermont, Florida United States of America



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