Andrew Michael Styner jr. – Cape Coral, Florida Florida


This bastard cheated on me & continues’ too stalking me on a daily basis & has raped me & told me if I ever told what he did to me that he would find me & rape me again & try to killing my family & He has raped five other women & stalking them also & too top it all off he lies about being married when he isn’t & no one should ever trust him he also does crack cocain & if you ever come into contact with this man run run as fast as you can & make sure he doesn’t follow you home he has been stalking me for a really long time & Don’t trust this man he puts drugs into your drink & rapes you & if he has done horrible things to you also report this bastard belongs in jail I repeat nobody trust this man he has been arrested before for being a rapist on a 12 year old boy & girl & he will continue to do it again & he had sex with several prostitution people including shemales’ & males’ & has the smallest penis that you have too get a magnifying glass for him to finding it & his whole family grows’ unregulated marijuana In there garage & steals money from all of his friends’ & sexually harasses you every single day & says’ you have a nice mouth too put around my cock also says I’m going too throw you into the back of my truck & get a video camera too rapping you & touches you in places’ nobody should ever touch you & rips’ out the Crochs’ of all your pants’ & has several different tattoos a rat on his back & a guitar on his arm with a tattoo that has the blue green & purple colors’ & it’s something that has to do with Indians’ don’t ever trust this trashy man he has aids’ & clamidia & every single sexual transmitted diseases & doesn’t use protection with anyone & has also sexual assaulted animals’ he fucks dogs’ & other animals’ so keep him away from your family’s & family pets period.

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