Andrew Towing


Andrew Towing I recently purchase a vehical from this company, A 2000 Lincoln. Ls. The car. Was represented as sound other than needing a rear rim & tire replacement. I with in hours of purchase discovered the car to have multiple undisclosed problems one being an over heating problem, fuel line leak ect. I contacted the. Owner/ sales person return the car to have these issues address was assured they were fixed. This was a lie.I’ve. Had the car a week sitting infront of my home broke down & mmany failed attemps to get my money back or proper repaires made. I don’t have 1700 dolars to give away or be scamed out of. So i am asking your help to get some justice as well as expose this company. For lemon sales. Columbus, Ohio Ohio!!. I am being ripped off by Andrews Towing, I need your help getting either the vehical properly repaired or my money refunded. This company sold me a lemon. As is avoiding all effort made to reach them concerning this shady buisness deal. The car broke down 1st the day after purchase return for repair. Then broke down again day after return to me only to reveal the vehical had benn band aided. It has not ran since & all attempts to contact them have gone avoided & unanswered. HELP !!

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