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Andy Mohr Ford Nightmare of a Car Plainfield Indiana!!. Boyfriend bought a used 2007 Chevy Cobalt, was told it was in good condition. One month after buying the brakes needed to be replaced, after three months the battery was having issues and had to replace as it had gotten so low that it actually froze over in November. Battery issues again in March and found out it’s because of the “GPS” locator the bank had them install and it was drawing power when the car was off. Andy Mohr claimed they couldn’t fix or touch it without the approval of the bank, contacted the bank and they said Andy Mohr is responsible for all repairs on the GPS and they don’t need permission since Andy Mohr installed it — and they want him to pay $100 for a full diagnostic to verify it’s that part, even though he showed them the findings on our diagnostic tool. Now, we’ve figured out that the fuel pump (which had a recall but not in our state?) is cracked, which is going to be a $700+ repair, along with the new battery that was $200, oh and when we went to a mechanic friend to do a diagnostic for free — ALL FOUR struts need to be replaced. This car was $10k and he had to finance it, so we’re stuck with it for a long time — should’ve looked at the carfax report first because it lists the history-based value at less than $4k. This car is nowhere near worth the trouble it’s caused, if he doesn’t unhook the battery every night he’ll have to jump it in the morning because it will be completely dead. I understand that people who buy used cars get the short end of the stick, but have a little pride in what you sell and let someone know if they’ll need to put more money into actually fixing the car.

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