Angel Chumley – Columbus, Ohio Ohio


Angel Chumley from Columbus, Ohio Hilltop area and recently from Grove City… this girl is a real piece of work she’s been telling me she loves me and I’m the only one in her life well come to find out she was telling over 10 guys the same thing while living with her ex… I started digging when she kept saying she wanted to move in and get married when she would come see me an hour away in Dayton, OH. BTW I had to come get her bc she has no job, no car, no house, no money, straight loser, so I put her phone on my account bc I was paying it anyways then I start looking at call and text logs… wow she’s on Craigslist daily looking for a dom or daddy or even a couple and was talking to over 10 guys and telling 5 of us probably more than 5 the same line. “We were the only one she loves…” blah blah… well I contacted 1 of these guys and showed him texts she sent me and we set her up. He went to pick her up and take her back to his house where I waited. Well let’s just say she turned white and we took her phone and went through it that’s how I know for a fact how many guys and couples she was having sex with and texting. I contacted one of her many ex’s… a women she was married to. That’s how I found out she was living with another ex. Her sister let her stay with her when I first met her. Well Angel Chumley was having sex with her sister’s hubby beware she’s the definition of white trash…

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