Angel Jennings – Evansville, Indiana Indiana


Angel Jennings has tore my friend apart. Not only did she date my friends uncle but when my friend and her husband separated, she moved in on him. She uses any man that will offer her a house in the country and raise her son. My friend had hoped separating from her husband would show him they needed counseling and hopefully save their marriage. Instead this woman has been moving into the marital home in front of their children. These poor kids cry because they watch this meth head move mommys stuff to put hers in there. She’s even gone so far as to make fake fb accounts etc and convince the husband that the wife is doing crazy things because she doesn’t want him to go back to her. This is a very sad situation! Not only that but she’s been busted with another guy as well and the husband and this HOMEWRECKER think people are just lying for the wife. She’s been seen flipping off their oldest daughter in the school parking lot and sticking her tongue out at her because she told dad about seeing her with her other bf. Guess what that’s right he’s not having anything to do with the oldest daughter now because again everyone is lying for my friend. My friend is being too patient and nice while waiting on court! I can’t take it any more of them trashing her on fb and rubbing sh!t in my friend and her kids’ faces. The children are receiving trauma therapy!

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