Angela A. Del Rio – Castro Valley, California California


My DH met Angela on “Adopt A Soldier” website around Feb. 2015 while my soldier was on another combat deployment. It was never disclosed my DH is married. He never told her and she never asked him. Hubby had PTSD- like symptoms and had no business deploying. Angela and my darling hubby did hook up in June 2015 because my MIL died of cancer. Hubby was red crossed to AZ to be with his mom. I flew to AZ where mother-in-law was in hospice while hubby was shagging this money hungry chic in Castro Valley Cali the weekend of Father’s Day 2015. Hubby lied to me and said he had a job interview in California because he may not get promoted and be out of military soon. I bought his plane ticket. I discovered her pic on his laptop after he got back from “job interview” coz I was checking my flight info.. and asked who the hell is this? He lied his a$$ off. I smelled a rat. Wth was he doing? Interviewing another wife to replace me? I Let it go for respecting the death of mother in law. I did email the admin lady at adopt a soldier and told her what was going on. I called Angela after I flew back East (discovered 4000+ texts on our cell bill to Angela’s number). Had to be her number…510 area code..She answered her cell. I introduce myself as the wife. Her response ” giggling” ” I didn’t know he was married. Who are you again? I don’t know you.” Exchanges of not so pleasantries…then Interloper hangs up on me. I tried calling hubby. Voicemail… Imagine that. Coward jackass..Angela calls hubby, (of course she does) he turns around and while I’m busy letting this cluster f#ck chaotic confusing as sheet, heartbreaking, puke your guts out mess sink in….she asks him for $. Yep ladies, my man gave this chick hundreds of $ “for her bills” They got engaged, (he purchased her a ring that fake weekend) [email protected] her, all in one weekend of the fake lover fantasy mess. Hubby had his moment of weakness. The one and only moment he gets with me. Big evil grin here. One four day moment with fake written all over it. Both of them got banned from the “adopt a soldier” program. That’s not a “hook-up” site. Angela works for fox news. She still owes us money. In her email she said she’d pay it back. Yeah, right. Hubby found out the grass wasn’t greener on the other side and people can be fake as sheet online. So was he tho! Takes two, right? Watch out ladies, she likes married military men and “borrowing” money. Hubby got in trouble, didn’t get promoted therefore discharged from Military. We are still a work in progress. Wish us luck. Karma.

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